• Base Load Power
  • Power continuity
  • Power Plant
  • Load Shifting
  • No Diesel costs
  • Bank Approved Finance
  • De-risk Business Energy
  • Suitable for:
  • industrial
  • commercial
  • retail use
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kW Class

HPower PRO-120

H2 Self Fueled GenSet

Models: 50kW | 80kW | 100kW



Size: 5.5x1.75x0.95

Weight-kg: 1,550

kW Class

HPower PRO-400

H2 Self Fueled GenSet

Models: 250kW | 300kW | 350kW

Cummins KTA 38 v12


Size: 6.3x1.8x2.3

Weight-kg: 6,890

MW Class

MPower PRO-1000

Models: 1MW | 1.1MW

Cummins KTA50-09-G9 v16


Rotary Valve System

Powerful 1MW Energy Solutions

Secure Prime Power

Achieve success

Solution to your business

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Everything you need to go GREEN and GRID-TIED/OFF-GRID.