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  • Hydrogen Systems
  • NET-ZERO Future
  • Get off the GRID/GRID Tied
  • Save on CARBON TAX
  • Be Self Sufficient

[Hydrogen - Colour Spectrum - Violet]

A renewable future - efficient and clean energy for households, communities, businesses and governments.

GREEN HYDROGEN Energy Solutions:

H2 kW Class

50kW | 80 kW | 100kW

250lW | 300kW | 350kW

H2 MW Class

1MW | 1.1MW

100Nm3/H Hydrogen Production Plant

Voltrolysis Alkaline Electrolysers

Hydrogen S - Plants

5MW | 10MW | 20MW

50MW | 100MW | 200MW

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Providing Green Energy Solutions to companies, Industry, Property owners & Estates, to get off the grid and start saving on their energy costs from day one. With various tailored, technical solutions backed by affordable payment options